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Todd Smith Jacksonville

Heralding from Jacksonville, Florida's energetic expanse, Todd A Smith Jacksonville emerges as a paragon of unrelenting commitment and distinguished public service. In his esteemed capacities as Director of Emergency Management and Chief of Emergency Preparedness, his tapestry of leadership is intricately woven with unwavering dedication to safeguarding the community. His immersion into public service crystallized in 1992 at the Nassau County Fire and Rescue Department. His intuitive prowess and nimble leadership capabilities soon catalyzed his transition to the Jacksonville Fire and Rescue Department by 1997. Here, his ascent to the Special Operations Training Manager role became pivotal, marshaling teams to navigate the labyrinth of challenges with agility. Across his luminous tenure, he has sculpted an array of functions—from leading agile emergency maneuvers and refining operational contours to anchoring the inception of the country's trailblazing drive-thru COVID-19 testing mechanism. His fortitude was particularly pronounced during tumultuous events, including the orchestrated responses to formidable hurricanes like Matthew, Irma, and Dorian.

Driven by an insatiable intellectual curiosity, he has Master's degrees in Business and Public Administration. Further amplifying this academic oeuvre is a Graduate Executive Certificate in Public Administration, with a Ph.D. journey underway. His scholastic laurels are complemented by esteemed certifications from institutions like the Florida Emergency Preparedness Association and the International Association of Emergency Managers. Todd Smith Jacksonville's service tapestry, gleaming with dedication, has been met with accolades. His trophy room boasts of the prestigious Valor and Exceptional Service Award from Liberty Mutual Insurance Company, distinct JFRD recognitions, and the Robert G. Mayes Excellence Award, courtesy of Columbia Southern University